Reds and Blues.

Reds and Blues

Wood Wall Collage
15 x 48"
Colored Snakes.

Colored Snakes

36 x 48"


16 x 35"

Pink and Blue

12 x 24"


Wood Collage

Wood Flow

Wood Wall Collage
14 x 25"

Yellow Blue Purple

24 x 48"

Dancing Shapes

Painting plus Collage
24 x 48"

Red Green Power

Scary Black

20 x 10"

Floral Wood

20 x 25"

Wild Ogre

11 x 18"


12 x 19"

Orange Blue Medley


Found material
14 3:4" x 14 3:4"

My love of art was instilled at an early age. My Russian immigrant father, who could barely speak English, “found” the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum. We spent many Sundays there.

I started drawing in elementary school and I still haven’t stopped. I do mostly acrylic abstract paintings and three dimensional wall pieces, from wood I cut. I add found objects. I also do flat and three dimensional collages using all kinds of found object and mixed media.

In addition, I create fantasy paintings of weird people and animals. I have a whole series of mini paintings (3×5”) mostly whimsical.

My influences are the world of art history and a love of color, design and moving, flowing line.

I feel so lucky to wake up each day eager to explore . . .